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The Economist

Special Report: The Economist

by Lucas Everidge

I would travel often to the undergraduate student library on my college campus. There I would quiety sit back in a confortable reading chair and examine The Economist at length. Perhaps I was trying to dodge studying. Nevertheless, then and now, The Economist continues work its way into my schedule. Simply put, it is one the finest weekly news magazines on the planet.

Founded in September, 1843 by a Scottish businessman named James Wilson, it seeks "to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress." From its beginning, it sought to press the case for liberty, particularly economic liberty. The magazine has been the longest-lasting advocate for the concept that in order to enjoy social liberty, society must also enjoy economic liberties - a concept still lost on many political policymakers.

Today The Economist is still in business, and showing the world through this lens on an impressive scale. The magazine includes comprehensive news sections on all regions of the world - United States, The Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa, and Europe.

Not only is a fine tool to learn what is happening in the world, it also includes great stories on business, finance and economics. If you are interested in learning more about international business or foreign markets, this is the best no-nonsense publication for you.

Every issue also includes articles on science and technology. It is interesting to see discussions of the high-tech marketplace from a non-American perspective. There are also stories on medicine. Issues also contain reviews of interesting books, plus milestones and obituaries.

Beyond that, the magazine always has special reports on interesting topics - a survey on Asian finance, surveys on countries of the world, etc. The back of each magazine includes a comprehensive list of current economic indicators, forecasts and exchange rates for the major countries of the world, as well as emerging markets.

No wonder sitting down to read an issue can take a little time. Either breeze through the issue over lunch, or spend a few hours comprehensively reading the issues in bed. If you subscribe, you also have access to their entire website. Only small areas of their website is freely readable to non-subscribers.

Economist, The

The Economist

Every week, The Economist publishes special columns on financial markets. These insightful articles cover markets everywhere: the USA, UK, Asia, Europe. Subscribers can read these imeediately as well on the magazine's website.

Over 28,000 Economist articles are available to subscribes in their online archive.

Surveys: The Economist often publishes special surveys on specific topics. Often they examine contries, however, they also will cover other areas like "Finance In Central Europe," "European Union Enlargement," and "Business In Japan." (Magazine subscribers have full access to past reports)

Below is a schedule of surveys for 2006. All topics and dates are subject to change without notice.


Saudi Arabia 7th January
Corporate organisation 21st January
Germany 11th February
Wealth and philanthropy 25th February
Chicago and the American heartland 18th March
China 25th March
South Africa 8th April
New media 22nd April
Poland 6th May
International banking 20th May
Business in India 3rd June
Logistics 17th June
Britain 1st July
The environment 8th July
Pakistan 22nd July
The world economy 16th September
Talent 30th September
Telecoms convergence 14th October
France 28th October
Mexico 11th November
Offshore finance 25th November
Nuclear weapons 9th December

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