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U.S. Presidents - Ronald Reagan Memorabilia - Ronald Reagan Stamps

Ronald Reagan Stamps Draw Huge Interest

Ronald Reagan Stamp by Lucas Everidge

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (AP) - Ronald Reagan's image will appear on a commemorative postage stamp to be issued in early 2005, Postal Service officials announced in a November, 2004 press release. The stamp honoring the nation's 40th president was ceremoniously unveiled Nov. 9 at Reagan's library in Simi Valley where he was buried in June.

The Postal Service traditionally doesn't honor prominent Americans with a stamp until at least 10 years after their deaths. U.S. presidents are the exception, who may be honored with a stamp after the first birth anniversary following their death.

Reagan was born Feb. 6, 1911 in Dixon, Illinois. The first-day-of-issue stamp dedication ceremony will take place February 9, 2005 at the library.

"The Postal Service is pleased to honor President Ronald W. Reagan," Postmaster General John E. Potter said. "He led our nation during a momentous time in world history and never lost the ability to reach Americans on a truly personal level."

Former first lady Nancy Reagan said she was grateful to the Postal Service for honoring her husband so soon after his death.

"My husband would be humbled by the issuance of this stamp," Mrs. Reagan said. "And probably a little amused by picturing himself arriving in mailboxes around the country stuck on the upper right hand corner of an envelope."

Below are the current eBay auctions for all Ronald Reagan stamps. Other countries, like Grenada, Guyana and Djibouti, also issue Reagan stamps, and they will also appear here.

(Shows up to 200 items)

Bookmark this page to easily check on new auctions as they appear.

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