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Book Reviews:

Essential Director

by Bob Tricker (Economists Books / Bloomberg Press)

Essential Director
Canada Residents:
UK Residents:

Everything you need to know about corporate governance and being a director all in one easy-to-read, attractive package.

Because of today's shift in attitudes regarding the recent controversial role of directors, as with firms like Enron, WorldCom and Andersen, the role of director has never before been taken so seriously. Much attention today is focused on how companies are governed.

Managers may run a company but it is the job of directors to make sure it is well run and run properly. This lively and accessible guide to the important subject of corporate governance shows what needs to be done to ensure high standards and how to do it.

The bulk of Essential Director is a comprehensive A-Z with several hundred entries that explain the essentials of corporate governance and the function and responsibilities of directors. It is aimed at directors, managers, and shareholders of every kind of business.

The book's interesting and informative entries include: Audit Committee, Board structure, Corporate veil, Cross holding, Deep pocket syndrome, Directors' remuneration, Disclosure, Ethics, Fiduciary duty, Helicopter vision, Indemnity insurance, Inside information, Japanese corporate governance, Keiretsu, Litigation, Monitoring management, Non-executive director, Outside director, Poison pill, Policy making, Relationship investor, Remuneration committee, Shareholder value, Stakeholder theory, Stewardship theory, Tokenism, Two hat dilemma, Unitary board, Voting rights, War room, Yakusa, and Zaibatsu.

Also included as appendices are checklists, good practice guidelines and sources of information.

The author, Bob Tricker, has held professional posts in Hong Kong, Australia and England. He is the author of several books on corporate governance, and is the editor of the outstanding Corporate Governance: An International Review.

-Lucas Everidge

Edition: Paperback, 240 pages

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