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Book Reviews:

Living History

by Hillary Clinton (Mon historie / Gelebte Geschichte )
Book Review By Steve Labinski

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Hillary Clinton - Mon histoire
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Living History Released on June 9, 2003, Living History by former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and current New York Senator, has shaped up as one of 2003's major literary and political events. Clinton's memoir had already generated a significant amount of hoopla before publication.

The great expectations were met with relief when booksales, according to Newsday, reached 600,000 copies in the first week. Publisher Simon & Shuster then declared Living History to be the top-selling adult nonfiction book ever. An additional 500,000 copies have been ordered on top of an extraordinary initial printing of 1 million copies, the publisher said.

Continuing the high-flying publicity for the book, the publisher paid for a tony Manhattan party at the Four Seasons hotel on the following Monday. Among those on hand to sample the hors d'oeuvres: TV personalities Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters and Charlie Rose; former White House aide and now TV host George Stephanopoulos; New York politicians Geraldine Ferraro, Andrew Stein and Mark Green; comedian and author Al Franken; actor Chevy Chase; and singer Judy Collins.

Sen. Clinton called the publicity surrounding her book "a little overwhelming," but said it had been a remarkable experience. She thanked her mother; her daughter, Chelsea, who was off studying for exams at Oxford; and finally her husband.

"I would not have lived the way I lived or become the person I've become without my husband," she declared.

One of the most recognizable women in the world, Hillary Rodham Clinton remains a mystery to many people. Few outside her inner circle of friends and family know much beyond her role as a political-spouse-turned-politician. Living History offers a window to her many emotions and personal stories that many readers will find interesting.

Hillary Clinton's memoir focuses on her eight years at the White House - what she lived through, how she felt about her experiences then and now, why she made the choices she did - in short, it is a very personal book. It includes details and perspective on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which brought her husband to the brink of impeachment. Clinton states that she feels it is time to put the record straight on many issues on which she has not been able to speak out.

Clinton will be touring for the book throughout the Summer of 2003, stretching it out in order to accomodate her Senate schedule.

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  • The Clinton Wars
    by Sindey Blumenthal
    This book, by Clinton friend Sid Blumenthal, is quoted often on the news today to verify Hillary Clinton's points in Living History.
  • It Takes A Village
    by Hillary Clinton
    Special autographed edition
  • An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy 1917-1963
    by Robert Dallek
    The first historian granted unrestricted access to Kennedy's papers, Dallek adds substantial insight to JFK. Revelatons on JFK's health have already received great attention.
  • The Kennedy Curse
    by Edward Klein
    Why trahedy has haunted America's First Family for 150 Years
The book covers her principal areas of interest such as the welfare of children, the status of women internationally and social justice. Clinton takes the role of a woman whose steely resolve and intelligence proved the bedrock of her husband's presidency and whose courage when he let her down impressed women everywhere. Clinton's determination to succeed in her own right provides a powerful role model.

Many speculate that this book is the first step towards a run for President in 2008. Clinton dismisses that notion, however, explaining that is an important step by her to reveal an important period in the country's history.

Publisher Simon & Shuster has staked a major claim on the book's success. Not only have they paid for such a large printing, they advanced Clinton $8 million, which was negotiated just before Clinton was sworn into the Senate. Clinton's first book, It Takes A Village, became a best seller. It dealt with more serious subjects however - education and parenting. Republicans used the book as a campaign issue.

No matter what Clinton's motives are for this new book, it will undoubtedly appear in one form or another in the next several political campiagns.

-Steve Labinski

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Canadian Residents:
Hardcover Edition - Audio CD
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Hardcover Edition - Audio CD
Deutschland / EU:
Gebundene Ausgabe - Audio CD
Hillary Clinton - Mon histoire
Broché - Audio CD

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