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Sat 7-Dec-2019
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24 Days - Enron The Brethren
New book reviews and news every week. Book reviews on US and world politics, as well as economics and investing.
Latest reviews: The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court - we look back at the classic exposé of the Supreme Cort, which illustrates the great difficulties Presidents have had with their nominees. 24 Days by Rebecca Smith and John R. Emshwiller, the engrossing story of how two Wall Street Journal reporters uncovered the financial problems at energy giant Enron Corp., and how their articles catalyzed the company's total implosion.
Also: The Kennedy Curse by Edward Klein.

Almanac Of American Politics 2010
Almanac Of American Politics 2004 Upcoming 2010 Edition
by Steve Labinski
It's almost that time of year! After the new Congress is in session for six months, National Jounal releases the Almanac of American Politics. Read though what's in this book, and what makes it special.

News Stories:

Ronald Reagan Stamps
by Lucas Everidge
The U.S. Postal Service unveiled the official commemorative stamp for President Ronald Reagan in November. Read details about the event, as well as find special deals on this exciting new stamp.

Isle of Man Changes Gambling Rules
by Lucas Everidge
In the midst of well publicized legal battles involving the United States government, another small country changes its gambling laws, potentially proking more action on how American wager online.

Betting Exchanges for Political Events
The day after John Kerry clinched the Democratic nomination contracts were sold on who his Vice-Presidential nominee would be.

US Fed Interest Rate Cuts Not Enough?

World economy is carrying lots of ills. Is Greenspan's rate cut going to help at all, if not hurt? This analysis weighs in on the debate.

2003 Tax Cuts Include Major Changes

The tax package passed in May, 2003 includes many significant changes. Here's a look at some key provisions of the Tax Act.
Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln in for Tough Re-election in 2004

In 2004, Sen. Blanche Lincoln is up for re-election to a second term and, by all accounts, the race will be highly competitive. Her votes display an independence that potentialy riles both the right and the left in Arkansas.
Congressional Biographies
Congressional Biographies Search Congressional Biographies
Special search engine allows you to search the US Historical Commission's archives on United States Representatives and Senators.

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